Jan 30, 2017

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Survival Skills Preppers Need

Survival Skills Preppers Need

When you make the decision to become a prepper you make the decision to take on a whole new lifestyle. That lifestyle entails stocking up on food and other such essential supplies in the event of a crisis or disaster. However, you have to store up more than material goods. You need to develop a series of necessary survival skills that will help to see you through that disaster or crisis. Here are two of the absolute most important skills that you need to develop if you want yourself and your family to survive a disaster.

Proper Fire Building

In the history of our species it is arguable that the most important skill we ever devised was that of building a fire. Fire enabled us to rise up as the dominant species on this planet and the skill to replicate was absolutely essential to make that happen. You can use modern tools and equipment to build your fire so long as you are using he proper building methods and the best wood. It does not matter if you can build a big fire. It only matters that you can build a fire that can keep you warm for long periods at a time. You can learn more here.

Weapon Handling

It is a sad fact that you may have to occasionally resort to violence in order to defend yourself and your family. This is why it is extremely important to learn how to handle a weapon, be it a gun, crossbow, bow and arrow, or other weapon. Knowing how to handle a weapon will also help you be able to hunt for more food. You can learn more about crossbows here: http://patriotscloset.com/best-survival-crossbows/

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting:

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